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Australian Electric Vehicle Association
Australian Electric Vehicle Association
Australian Electric Vehicle Association

Concurrent 1: 2020 EV Vision - Block A


Session Program
1:30 pm
Background on SEA Electric, why you should move your commercial fleet to EV, commercial EV total cost of ownership, case studies and examples of SEA Electric EVs deployed and on the road. 
1:30 pm
After developing and commercialising electric VTOL drones for more than a decade, Josh saw the opportunity to scale up the technology to the manned aviation industry and started Electro.Aero.
Over the five years, Electro.Aero has achieved many world firsts in electric mobility including:
• Developed one of the first compact proof of concept personal VTOL aircraft prototypes that we called FlyKart, that employed 8 electric ducted fans to carry a person vertically. 
• Obtained the first CASA light sport accreditation in Australia for the world’s first two seat electric aircraft at the start of 2018, becoming the first and only company profiting from electric aviation to date. 
• Wrote the SAE International standard for electric aircraft charging and are the first company to develop and sell dedicated electric aircraft chargers, compliant to the international standard. 
• Last year, developed the world’s first actively stabilized electric hydrofoil personal watercraft called the WaveFlyer, which quite literally flies over waves. 
• This year, built and flew the world’s first two seat electric ducted fan microlight aircraft.
In this talk Josh will share some lessons learnt from these projects and other contract work undertaken on various electric aircraft projects, including Bell, XTI Aircraft and NASA to name a few. 
1:39 pm
The E-ferry Ellen is a fully electric regional ferry that sails a 40 km round trip between charges, up to seven times a day. This means that Ellen sails seven times longer than any other electric ferry currently in operation. Ellen signifies a revolution in maritime e-mobility, because it can replace traditional diesel ferries on thousands of local and regional routes around the globe.
Ellen sails in southern Denmark, where it has been in regular operation for more than a year. During the presentation, Halfdan Abrahamsen will explain how a small island community of 6000 people managed to design and build the ferry, and he will present the numbers and data from the recent evaluation report published after the first year of operation. 
The evaluation has shown that Ellen can reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly, but what about the economy? As we will see, the economical figures might come as a surprise to many, it turns out that sailing fully electric is a great choice for more than environmental reasons. 
1:48 pm
A summary of GB Auto Group and GB Electric Vehicles and the roles of each business, an overview of the Tembo 4x4 e-LV product and benefits, in addition to the opportunities and challenges we have faced and what the future looks like.
1:57 pm
The time to ask questions arising from our 2020 EV Vision Block A speakers.
Questions to be submitted via the Q&A function. These will be read out to the speakers by the stream MC John Harris and answered live.
Speakers this session were:
- Glen Walker (SEA Vehicles)
- Josh Portlock (Electro-aero)
- Bill Dunlop (GB Auto)
- Halfdan Abrahamsen (Ærø EnergyLab, Norway)


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