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Australian Electric Vehicle Association
Australian Electric Vehicle Association
Australian Electric Vehicle Association

Concurrent 2: Leaders and Followers - Block B


Session Description
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11:30 am
One of the greatest exposures to toxic air pollution for our children is on the way to and from school. In an environment where our children should be safe and protected, they are often breathing in dangerous emissions from idling cars and buses parked in school grounds. This daily exposure can lead to asthma and allergies, and is also linked to delayed learning.
The Idle Off Project helps secondary students identify and mitigate the risks of idling vehicles, helping them to create a plan to communicate the Idle Off message with parents and bus companies. Co-founded by a small team from the health and EV sectors, The Idle Off Project is being rolled out to schools in Australia and New Zealand.  
11:42 am
For most shoppers, it is a big mental undertaking to research and evaluate options before buying any car.  As electric cars are relatively new innovations, shopping for them can be more complex than a traditional vehicle. Finding quality information can be tough and finding someone you trust to talk to without pressure to buy is even tougher.
Introducing Whirl. Whirl makes early-stage EV shopping easy and accessible by matching willing EV owners with curious EV shoppers for a real-world, informative trial without any pressure to buy.
11:56 am
Led by the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance, 54 Victorian Councils joined together to better understand their role in providing/ facilitating public electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Victoria. Their vision, a dense state-wide network of electric vehicle fast charging infrastructure. The first phase of this project is now complete, and work is underway on next steps. The talk will give an overview of the project and the key findings.
12:10 pm
The time to ask questions arising from our Leaders and Followers Block B speakers.
Questions to be submitted via the Q&A function. These will be read out to the speakers by the stream MC Natalie Bucknell and answered live.
Speakers this session were:
- Emma Sutcliffe (IdleOff)
- Dr Alina Dini (Whirl)
- Rob Law (CVGA)


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