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Australian Electric Vehicle Association
Australian Electric Vehicle Association
Australian Electric Vehicle Association

Concurrent 2: EV Hacker - Block B


Session Description
Converting a fossil car or old bicycle to EV is fun to do and can be a rewarding experience if done well. Hear from a variety of EV conversion businesses about the conversion process.

Session Program
2:45 pm
EVUp's EV data forecasts price parity by 2024, which will lead to a 'leapfrog' effect for consumers; why buy an ICE when an EV has a similar upfront price, but much lower running costs? A portion of the new car market will become unsaleable as a result.
As conversion technology and know-how develops to enable compact, fast and affordable replacement processes, the at-scale conversion of new, specialist and fleet vehicles can become a reality. The Electric Car Café at EVolution is Australia's only dedicated EV workshop specialising in conversions, repairs and servicing, with a team focused on advancing conversion technology, knowledge and processes to enable at-scale repurposing of older cars to electric drive. 
Projects currently underway include Australia’s first electric tradie ute and the experimental skunkworks conversion of a specialist fleet vehicle.
2:57 pm
Graeme will speak on the whys and wherefores of selecting an appropriate donor car to convert to electric, as well as introduce the key questions to consider when choosing the donor car, the technology and the drive system. He will also remind you to consider the ultimate question of “why am I doing this?” and how this impacts on all aspects of the design and build process.
3:09 pm
Electric Bicycles solve many of the problems caused by the current transport model... from traffic congestion to obesity, pollution & GHG emissions, parking, and rising fuel costs.
Since most people have a bicycle already, there is an EV-in-waiting already hanging in most Aussie garages.  You'll definitely feel the wind in your hair, and the budget starts well below $2000! 
A passionate advocate for quality E-Bike Conversions, RevBecca will outline the installation requirements for retrofitting motors to existing bikes, demonstrate the different motor & battery options available, and explain how to choose the ideal system to suit your needs.

3:21 pm
The time to ask questions arising from our EV Hacker Block B speakers.
Questions to be submitted via the Q&A function. These will be read out to the speakers by the stream MC Natalie Bucknell  and answered live.
Speakers this session were:
- Rus Shepherd (EVolution)
- Graeme Manietta (DIY-EV)
- Rebecca Lee (Rev Bikes)


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