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Australian Electric Vehicle Association
Australian Electric Vehicle Association
Australian Electric Vehicle Association

Concurrent 3: On 2 Wheels - Block A


Session Description
A whole stream devoted to 2-wheeled electric transport options! This session covers electric motorbikes and larger EV scooters, along with the legislative hurdles in the way of Australia-wide adoption of light scooter EVs.

Session Program
2:12 pm
The time to ask questions arising from our On 2 Wheels block A speakers.
Questions to be submitted via the Q&A function. These will be read out to the speakers by the stream MC Kristian Hanberg and answered live.
Speakers this session were:
- Dr Chris Jones (AEVA)
- Michelle Nazzari (Fonzarelli)
- Pete Gorton (bisi Pty Ltd/RevBikes)
1:30 pm
Despite electric motorcycles having been around for at least a decade, they remain a niche market within a niche market.  One would think that an electric motorcycle would be cheaper and easier to produce than an electric car, and while this is true, the market is fickle and small in comparison to four-wheelers.  While early adopters will pay a premium for something special, the numbers are still a tall order for most motorcycle enthusiasts.  Chris looks at the case for electrified two-wheelers, the currently available options on the market,  and what needs to happen for things to change.  
1:58 pm
Two and three wheeled electric scooters are well-established overseas to provide convenient, portable transport for the "last mile" of commuting, as well as for fun and recreation.  As with most things EV, Australia is dragging the chain, and only several States/Territories have enacted legislation to permit legal use of these small vehicles on roadways, paths and cycleways.  Pete will outline the current situation across the country, and propose an AEVA-led effort to rectify the situation nationally. 


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