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Australian Electric Vehicle Association
Australian Electric Vehicle Association
Australian Electric Vehicle Association

Concurrent 3: EV Charging - Block A


Session Description
EV Charging is simple, but very different to refuelling at a pump where you stand in all weathers until your car has had its fill. In this section of the EV Charging theme, you will hear all about your AC charging options.

Session Program
10:15 am
6 things to consider when buying a charging station for your electric car
Your electric car has been delivered to you. Now what? How does charging actually work? Which charging station is the right one for me, and what do I need to bear in mind when buying one? 
This presentation will take you through a step by step process of selecting and installing the right charging station for your present and future needs, and will include an overview of how to minimise charging costs by making use of EV tariffs and maximising solar energy to recharge your electric vehicle 
10:24 am
EV charging frees you from the tyranny of fuel company price cycles, station location and standing waiting for the tank to fill. On the other hand it opens up a new paradigm involving choosing your charging method, speed and price.
 In this talk, Bryce Gaton presents a layman's guide to how quickly EVs can be charged via the different charging options, and how to choose the best option for your driving pattern.
10:33 am
Which cables do you need to keep in the boot of your EV?
Many EV drivers are confused about public charging - how they work, how to pay and what's the best way to get a cost-effective top up. Others have a boot full of cables that they'll rarely use (but thought they needed). What's the most effective way to charge your EV while you're on the road?
EVolution Australia provides advice and education about the most efficient ways to access public charging locations, whether you're visiting the shops or doing a lap of Australia. Director Russ Shepherd breaks down the best ways to charge on-the-run and how to balance it with charging up overnight at home. 
10:42 am
Everyone talks about EVs as "batteries on wheels", but what does it mean for consumers, businesses and our grid? Is it all positive, or are there negatives to V2X as well?  
Tim Washington will explore the paths that lie ahead, and the opportunities and challenges Australia faces in the adoption of this all important technology. 
10:51 am
The time to ask questions arising from our EV Charging Block A speakers.
Questions to be submitted via the Q&A function. These will be read out to the speakers by MC Kristian Hanberg and answered live.
Speakers this session were:
- Bryce Gaton (AEVA; The Driven)
- Sam Korkees (
- Russ Shepherd (EVolution)
- Tim Washington (CEO JetCharge; Chair EVC)


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