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Halfdan Abrahamsen

Media and Information Manager - Ærø EnergyLab (Municipality of Ærø)Marstal, Denmark
Halfdan Abrahamsen is the Press and Information Manager at Ærø EnergyLab (Municipality of Ærø). Ærø EnergyLab develops and manages renewable energy projects on the island of Ærø, Denmark. 
Halfdan holds a Master's degree in English and Media. During his studies, he focused on environmental policy and environmental writing and philosophy. He studied the Alaska Native Claims Settlement and the building of the controversial oil pipeline from Barrow to Valdez in Alaska, and for his thesis, he asked whether our current mode of civilisation could hope to succeed in the long run, considering that we overtax the Earth and its resources.
Halfdan has previously worked in the Danish state, in the educational sector. However, his interest in environmental matters and environmental policy led him to Ærø EnergyLab, where he gets great satisfaction from working with, and mediating new environmentally sound technologies and policies.     


#Australian Electric Vehicle Association
Australian Electric Vehicle Association
#Australian Electric Vehicle Association